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In a televised interview by ABP News, our director, Mr. Syed Arshad, shares the origin story of BlueRose Publishers, and the growing need for self-publishing platforms in our country. Further, our CEO, Khushboo Kaushik, explains the importance of owning the full rights to your book and having control over the publication process. Watch the video till the end to learn why self-publishing through BlueRose is the best choice for you.

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The Verse

'Voice Of The Verse' is a collection of well crafted Hindi and English poems that revolve around social and emotional matters of our world in a euphemistic manner. The metaphoric verses have the underlying aim of making an impact on the readers minds. It is a platform for people to look inside and around and to give voice to their emotions buried deep inside.

Celinaa Srivastav
Kuhoo Bajaj

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Raat Ka Kinara

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The Flawed Good Man

Rated 4.00 out of 5
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All Time Best Seller


By: Rashmi Trivedi


They say that love has the power to move mountains, but does it have the power to unite two warring nations?

A novel that is conceived in mind, written straight from the heart and dreams of the impossible, a novel that will take the reader through a plethora of emotions and compel the reader to look at relations between India and Pakistan with a different perspective!

Over 18,000 copies sold!

Featured Authors

Mohammad Maliki

Mohammad Maliki

Moroccan Ambassador

Arun Bhatnagar

Arun Bhatnagar

Former IAS Officer

Shipra Khanna

Shipra Khanna


Rashmi Trivedi

Rashmi Trivedi

Senior Manager, ONGC

R. B. Pandit

R. B. Pandit

Vice Admiral

Shiv Panikker

Shiv Panikker

Film Maker

Abhiyansh Shukla

Abhiyansh Shukla

Student, Grade 1

What our Authors got to say!

Rashmi Trivedi

I am glad I lucked into Blue Rose for the publication of my book. The entire team is friendly and understanding, and their contract keeps me free of all the worries. They certainly are the best.

R K Mohapatra

I surely could not have completed the publishing of my story without Blue Rose's constant assistance at every step of the way. The team is very professional, and always followed up throughout the process. Publishing with them has been a truly relaxing experience that made the tedious process so smooth and simple.

Devika Das

I have published two books with them and the experience has been good. Their packages are reasonable compared to other self-publishing houses. They have addressed my concerns timely. I have recommended them to few of my friends too. Thank you for supporting my journey as an author.


Congratulations on completing your manuscript! Book Publishing is a lengthy and elaborated process and we at BlueRose Publishers try our best to make it as efficient as possible for the authors. Being a Self-Publishing company, we invest our services according to the Author’s requirements and budget, which means that the author pays for the services that we offer them. These services are clubbed into five packages, where the author can add/delete services according to their book’s specifications. Our Packages start from Rs. 18,990/- (Basic Package) and go up to Rs. 1,74,990/- (Premium Plus Package), and we publish across all genres in English, Hindi, Bengali and several other regional languages.

Amazon has become a popular, favorite seller portal among most households across the globe. After the publishing of your book, BlueRose Publishers lists your book on several online platforms, Amazon being one of them, given its universality. As a part of marketing schemes for sellers and buyers, Amazon offers Amazon Sponsored and Amazon Prime.

A. Amazon Sponsored: Your product, books in our case, is strategized to appear at the screens of almost every Amazon user, in order to create a considerable amount of awareness about your product.

B. Amazon Prime: We all know the anxiety and excitement of waiting for our online orders, and sometimes we grow tired of it. With Amazon Prime, your product, i.e. the author’s book, is delivered to the buyers on priority basis, which is much less than non-Prime users.

To reach out to an international audience, you can get your book listed on, where in people from half-way across the world can also order your book, which will be delivered to their doorsteps. With BlueRose Publishers, you can reach out to a number of 210+ countries.

With many upcoming e-Book solutions like Kindle, Ingram, Kobo, Google Play Books, etc. e-Book publishing is taking the publishing industry by storm. Many Self-Publishing Houses (including BlueRose Publishers) and Traditional Publishers provide publishing on several e-Book platforms. Google Play Books is one of the most sought-after besides Kindle, and provides an easy process of publishing stories online.

Poetry Books never seem to run out of style. With the inception of anthologies and newly inspired formatting styles with sketching and watermarks, Poetry Books are easily making their way to people’s bookshelves and hearts. If you’re someone who writes poetry, wanting to reach out to as many poetry lovers as possible, compile your poems, or work on an anthology with fellow poets who understand your cause, and approach the Publishing House who understands your idea. With anthologies like Maples, Flavors of Instagram I, II and III, Ishqedaariyan, The Pinned Hearts, BlueRose Publishers has often catered to a collective passion of many writers at once. Also, collection of Poems like Handful of Sunshine, Pocketful of Rain, The Naked Mystery, Savory of Poems, The Collection of Poems, Lily and The Spring, are among the list of BlueRose best sellers.

With the dawn of English language and globalization, more writers and readers are inclined to English Books, which is somewhere contributing to the downfall of regional languages. We at BlueRose Publishers, constantly try and promote Regional Languages among the audience, with more than 50% of our total number of books published each month in or revolving around regional languages like Gujarati, Bengali, Marathi, etc. in several genres.

E-books have become immensely popular among people of all ages over the last few years. It has now become an essential marketing strategy for authors to publish e-copies of their book(s), in order to reach out to a wider audience. BlueRose Publishers provides the publishing of your e-Book at nominal prices and easy-to-follow steps on Kindle, Ingram and Google Play Books.

In order for your book to look as presentable as possible, it is necessary to have at least 30 pages in your Book. If in case you do not have 30 poems (or stories), you can increase the number of pages by adding illustrations, sketches, etc, or add black/colored pages in between as partitions. BlueRose Publishers provides Basic, Enhanced and Superior Illustrations that can go well with your theme and subject.

Photography and Coffee Table Books are a fantastic way of putting your perspective through photographs and illustrations. Although the prices of these books lie on the expensive side on the price scale, these books immediately attract the attention of readers and are more often than not based on some very interesting topics. At BlueRose Publishers, we have published several Coffee Table and Photography Books, taking care of everything from Designing to Printing on special papers and suitable bindings.