How to self publish a poetry book in India: Essential Guide

Article by: Sounabh Ghosh

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The process of self publishing a poetry book is a tedious and difficult one. There are so many hurdles that need to be taken care of and still, there’s not much assurance that even after following all the steps, your work will get published. After the completion of the manuscript, authors wonder — what should they do next in order to get their work published? This is the reason why so many authors and poets give up on writing, and hence the world loses another great story. However, things are rapidly changing now; with the advent of Self-Publishing Houses, writing and publishing a book has become easier than ever before. Self-Publishing Companies don’t just publish a writer’s work, but also assist them all the way through, even after the publishing is complete. Now, the only thing that an author needs to worry about, is the completion of his/her manuscript. All other things are taken care of by the Self-Publishing Houses, with the author’s approval at each step of the way. The days of following the age-old way of sending your manuscript from one publishing house to another, and not getting any response from them whatsoever, are over now. Authors and poets can now get their work recognized by their readers and that too in an easy and more convenient way.

Learn difference between Self-Publishing & Traditional Publishing?

“To be a successful fiction writer you have to write well, write a lot … and let ‘em know you’ve written it! Then rinse and repeat.”

Gerard de Marigny, The Watchman of Ephraim

Publish your Poem Collection with best poetry publishers in India

Ever wondered, the poems that you wrote for your beloved, the poems that you wrote when your heart was broken, poems that relieved the pain in you, could one day be made into a poetry book, a book with a collection of poems in your name? Yes, this is possible now. All you have to do is bring your collection of poems to a Self-Publishing house. They will turn your poems into a beautiful book of poetry, making all your dreams come true. Poetry easily resides in our hearts and hence a poet is very possessive about his/her poems. When a poet self publish a poetry book, he/she has all the power to add/omit any content, choose designs for the book cover, select materials used in printing, and so on, within the convenience of their affordability and ease of access to the services. The poet receives assistance in getting everything done professionally, and most importantly, with his/her consent. The work of the Self-Publishing House doesn’t end here. After the printing process is taken care of, the book is made available to the readers through various platforms such as physical stores and online stores like Amazon, Shopclues, Flipkart, etc. This helps the poet reach the readers and get the recognition that he/she deserves.

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As a budding poet in India, whose work has never been published before, a number of queries arise such as, 

  • How to publish poems in India?
  • How do I publish my poems in a book?
  • Can I publish my poems?
  • How to be a published poet?
  • How to submit my poetry?  
  • Can I self-publish a poetry book?

All these queries can be easily resolved at a one-stop solution — Self-Publishing Houses. They will assist you to publish poems, and transform your collection of poems into a beautiful book, and give you the privilege of calling yourself a published poet. Apart from Self-Publishing Houses, there are conventional poetry publishers in India, who also publish collections of poetry, however, they are bombarded with many such manuscripts and their unwillingness to work with new and budding poets makes it next to impossible for newer names to make a mark in the market. As Self-Publishing Houses aim to provide a platform for all writers – old and new, it seems to be a better choice.

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Self-Publishing in India has come a long way now. There are numerous organizations offering their services to authors, whose work was otherwise not being recognized. Self-Publishing Houses are working towards expanding the reach of writing. Before Self Publishing, writing was restricted to a small group of people, and even though a lot of other people had the required talent, they could not reach the desired audience. This deprived the society of many such storytellers. The services that a Self-Publishing House offers starts from an easy to contact framework, better options to submit your manuscripts, professional help in curating the manuscripts, getting inputs from the poets or authors, and suggesting the best options available for them. Getting the necessary editing and/or ghost writing done for them, assisting in choosing the cover for their book, getting the copyrights filed, printing the book, promoting the book, organizing book launches, making the book available to a large segment of people through online and physical stores, and the management of sales. With the onset of Self-Publishing, poets can now stop worrying.


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